EMR Integration

Scalable Standardization

WoundVision’s EMR-integrated solutions help clinicians to save time & money, eliminate duplicate documentation and minimize variations in care.

Scout® Enterprise Wound Management

WoundVision’s EMR-integrated solutions give clinicians immediate access to essential wound care data through end-to-end interfaces and integrations by leveraging  HL7® and HL7 FHIR® technologies. 

No matter what EMR system your organization utilizes (e.g. Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, etc.), our scalable, enterprise technology can be deployed across an entire health system or single facility to quickly and easily coordinate patient care, comply with documentation requirements and avoid costly mistakes such as penalties and lawsuits.

Health IT Standards

Objective and Quantitative Physiological Documentation

Unlike other wound imaging solutions, Scout® harnesses the power of thermographic imaging for objective and quantitative measurements of skin temperature change. By integrating with your EMR, clinicians can quickly and easily leverage this data for advanced Present on Admission (POA) documentation and to confidently analyze the success of treatment goals and outcomes.


Standardized Digital Wound Management

Simple to use and 96% accurate, our wound photography and measurement standardizes the wound assessment process like no other solution. By eliminating duplicate documentation, inefficient workflows and inaccurate techniques, Scout® integration streamlines wound documentation to minimize variation in care, costs, documentation and outcomes.

Real-time Surveillance

Easily visualize all of a patient’s wound care documentation in a single view. With key information such as diagnoses, anatomy and images you have all of the information you need to coordinate patient care, comply with documentation requirements and avoid costly mistakes that can result in hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) and wounds.