The Industry’s First and Only Full-Service Wound Imaging and Documentation Solution

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Clinical Evidence

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Our Solutions

As the industry’s only full-service wound imaging and documentation provider, WoundVision offers a full suite of solutions to standardize wound assessment, reduce documentation errors, and streamline EMR workflows.

Physiological Documentation

Objective and quantitative measurement of skin temperature change

Easy and Accurate Measurement

Eliminate paper rulers and their inaccuracies - 96% Accurate vs. Paper Ruler


WoundVision's Scout software meets the end-to-end requirements of HIPAA and HITECH

Scalable Standardization

Standardize photography, measurement, and assessment across a single facility or across the continuum of care

EMR Integration

Reduce documentation errors and fulfill minimum requirements with seamless integration into existing EMR workflows

Patient Satisfaction

Engage patients in the care plan with actionable and insightful data to increase compliance and overall satisfaction